Apply a template to a Dashboard

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From Dashboard home screen, accessible only if Dashboard is not set, you can:

  • Apply a template 
  • Start with an empty dashboard

To apply a template

  1. Select a template, then "Start"
  2. A window summarizing the content of this template appears.

    Click on "Use the Dashboard"Configure the chart of accounts
    It is possible :
    - Isolate accounts if necessary by moving them to the "Available Accounts" section

    Isolated accounts will not be used in the Dashboard.

    - To reclassify the accounts so as to "add" or "subtract" them in a section

  3. Create or Associate the indicators (this step is proposed only if the model contains indicators, if so, you will have to assign these indicators because they are required in the model)

  4. Publish Dashboard

How to define a template?

To define a dashboard template, follow procedure and explanations about templates and catalogs. 

Before doing this, first make sure that the configuration is complete :
  • avoid any widgets based on accounts of a company (specific to a company), use class of accounts, or sections of your chart of account.
  • define titles and labels generic to be used for any other company 
  • apply best practices

Start with an empty Dashboard

From the Dashboard home screen, you can start with an empty dashboard (not recommended).

Therefore, you can configure accounting by applying a chart of account, or ignore this step. Then, you can build your dashboard by adding pages and widgets. 

It is also possible to apply add-on templates to add content when the Dashboard has already been configured.

check the article: "How to add an add-on template ?"

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