How to send a document to Image

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You have 4 possibilities to send documents in the Image application, and then to make the accounting entry:

  • via the Scan application
  • via email, to a specific address
  • via the “My invoices” widget 
  • or via the portal mobile application

Sending documents with Scan

As described in the online help of the Scan application, you have 2 possibilities to send documents from Scan:

  • Scan” your documents from a compatible scanner: once your scanner is selected in the application configuration, click on the “Scan” button to scan your documents.
  • or drag and drop a document in PDF or TIF format from your computer.

Once the documents are in Scan, drag and drop them in the desired folders according to their type: purchase, sale, bank…
Click on “Send” to send your documents.

Send documents by email

As described in the article How to send documents by email, you must first retrieve the email address to which you want to send your documents. To do this, you must:

  1. Login to the portal
  2. Click on the widget “Documents via email
  3. Then select the desired company

The email address appears in the “Send invoices” area. Once you have obtained this email address, you must:

  1. Go to your mailbox (personal or professional)
  2. Create a new email
  3. Type the email address previously retrieved as recipient
  4. In the subject line of your email type the desired accounting book code. If nothing is indicated, the invoice will by default be sent to a “Purchase” book.
  5. Attach your document and send your email
see the article :  "How to send my accounting documents through the portal?"

Type of authorized documents: PDF, TIF, JPG only

The document is then sent to Image and will be waiting for input in the space  .

During your first sending, a validation step of the email address is necessary.
For more information, see the article “How to approve the sending of documents by email?

Sends document with the “My Invoices” widget

Thanks to the “My Invoices” widget on your portal, you can send your invoices with a simple drag and drop.

  1. Select your folder, as well as the journal in which to send your invoices (purchase, sale, bank…).
  2. Then drag and drop your PDF invoices into the widget, or click to open your file explorer.
  3. Validate your sending by clicking on “Send”.

Scan a document from the mobile application

From the portai mobile application, press the button at the bottom right and then press the camera icon . Take a picture of the desired document using the button  

2 modes are then possible: 

  • SINGLE : allows you to take several single page documents in a row (the documents must all be of the same type: purchase, sale ...)
  • MULTI: allows you to take a picture of a multi-page document. 

Once your documents have been photographed, click on the number of documents photographed in the bottom right-hand corner. Select the company, as well as the type in which to send the documents (purchase, sale, bank...). Edit the documents if necessary, then validate the sending by clicking on "Send".

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