The space reserved for input

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The space reserved for entry is the first space proposed by default, it is available via the  menu.

When you click on this menu you will find the list of companies with for each of them the number of documents waiting to be entered.

Once the company has been selected, you will see the list of logs and the number of documents waiting to be entered for each one in the green bubble

4 types of logs are available, and are identifiable by their icon:

  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • Banking
  • Miscellaneous operations

Note that you will also see the "Ready to record" button which will allow you to access a list of documents ready to be entered at once if you wish
voir l'article : "Documents ready to record"

 To start entering documents, simply click on the newspaper of your choice to access the document entry area.

This space is divided into two parts, the entry itself and the visualization of the document.

The part entered adapts to the type of document to be posted.

Input of Purchases and Sales

For purchases and sales we will find:

  • The journal to which the document is sent
  • The order number of the document which is being input (1 x …)
  • The provider for purchases or the customer when it is the sales journal
  • The application period the document (period from … to …)
  • The document date
  • The due date
  • The document number (invoice number)
  • The document wording
  • The amount including VAT charged or credited
  • The body of the document composed of several HT lines, each with an account, a label and a debit or credit amount
  • An analytical section (if configured in the production tool)
  • The footer of the part with the VAT summary
  • The balance of the piece
  • The different possible actions

Other documents types 

For other types of documents, the entry interface is freer.

For example, for the input interface of type Miscellaneous Operations, we will find:

  • The month
  • A part number
  • For bank documents, the (optional) entry of a balance at the beginning of the statement
  • The body of the document composed of lines, each with a day in the month, an account, a label and a debit or credit amount
  • For bank documents, bank counter-parties
  • The different possible actions

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