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The commercial documents and emails you transmit from Fact are much more than simple information supports. They reflect the identity of your company and testify to your professionalism

Indeed, it is through them that your customers perceive your company.

Fact allows you to personalize your mails and documents so that you can adapt them to your recipients, your industry, and your brand.

To do this, go to the "Customization" section in the Settings.

Customization of documents

In "DOCUMENTS" section of " Customization", you can access the list of your templates:

If you have several templates, the favourite template is highlighted in the list with a star. This is the template that is applied by default to all the documents in the folder.

From this screen, you can perform various actions:

You can create a new template from the create button at the top right.

From the actions available under each template thumbnail:

  • Show a preview of a template
  • Define another favorite for the folder
  • Delete a template (if it is not a favorite)
  • Edit a template
  • Create a new template.

Features available with the Premium offer

The Premium offer enables several templates to be used and a favorite to be added to the folder. These features are not available with the Essential offer.

Handle document templates

Please consult the articles on creating and editing a document template:
voir l'article : "Create a template" / "Edit a template"

Customize email templates

Fact enables documents and reminders to be sent to customers by email. 

In "E-MAIL" tab of the " Customization" section, it is possible to access and edit email templates.

When you send a document or a specific reminder, the email template set up in the Settings automatically pre-fills your email form. You can edit it to customize it as needed.

On the other hand, when sending documents or mass reminders, the templates defined in your settings are automatically transmitted without any possible changes.

Return address
Even if the address to which the emails are sent is not your own (it is generated by Fact), when a customer replies to an email sent from Fact, the reply is sent to you at the address defined in the company settings.

To customize your email templates, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Settings”, “Customization” and then on “Mails
  2. Modify the object and the body if necessary
  3. Click on “Save” to validate

Dynamic informations

Dynamic informations can be added to email templates. When they are sent, they are converted by the information they represent.

Example: ((document_type)) is replaced with "invoice" when sending an invoice, or with " quotation" when sending a quotation.

The list of available dynamic informations is located on the right-hand side of the customization screen. It is classified by type of information :

  • document information
  • grouped reminder information,
  • customer information,
  • company information.

To add dynamic information to a template, copy the code and paste it into the template.

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