Make the general settings

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This interface allows you to set up all the administrative data related to the company and to carry out the general settings of the company.

Fill in your company’s identity information

This data will automatically appear on commercial documents.

  1. In the “Settings” menu, click on “Identity
  2. Fill in the different information in the appropriate fields
    • Company information
    • Information from the head office
    • Contact information
  3. E-mail settings
    If this option is checked, the periodic invoices generated by Fact will not be automatically sent by email to customers.
    see article  : "How to set-up a periodic invoice?"

  4. Attachments
    This option allows to attach documents when sending commercial documents by e-mail from Fact.

    Example: general terms and conditions of sale,  company certificates (Qualibat, ISO, insurance…), etc…
    It is possible to attach up to 5 different documents (PDF format, maximum size per document: 2 Mo)
    • Click on “+ Add” button
    • Enter the name of the document
    • Click on “Choose file”, then select the desired document
    • Click on to confirm the download, repeat the action up to 5 times if necessary.

      When sending commercial documents, it will be possible to select only the attachments to be sent to the customer.

      This makes it possible to personalize each commercial document sent by email.

  5. Click on the “Save” button

Fill in the banking information

In the “Settings” menu, click on “Payment

Activate a Stripe account to receive customer payments directly by credit card online.

  1. Fill in the different information in the appropriate fields
    • Accepted payment modes
      Select the means of payment accepted from customers.
      It is possible to set up the bank deposit modules for cheques and cash.
      1. Select the payment method cash and/or cheques
      2. Activate the discount by checking the corresponding box
        see the article : "How to make a bank deposit?"

        This option is only available for cheques and cash.

    • Payment periods
      Define the payment terms negotiated with the customers as soon as the invoice is issued. Invoice due dates will be automatically calculated using these payment terms.
    • Banking information
      Fill in your IBAN/BIC and the name of your bank. This data will automatically appear on your commercial documents, which avoids sending the RIB to new customers.
    • Particular governments
      Tick the box if the company is a member of an approved management center, in order to add the related legal notices to your documents.
  2. Click on the “Save” button

Set the numbering format and units

  1. In the “Settings” menu, click on “Format & Units
  2. Fill in the different information in the appropriate fields
    • The numbering format: it is possible to modify the numbering format by using the proposed fields: "AA" or "AAAA" for the year, "MM" for the month and "X" for the document number.
      The fields followed by an "*" are compulsory in order to comply with the billing standards required by the legislator.

      In the event of a transfer from another software package, it is possible to start the numbering of documents where it was previously stopped.

      If this is the case, the number of the next document must be indicated in the corresponding box before it is created.

    • Validity conditions (for quotations and purchase orders)
      • Validity period in days. It allows an end date of validity of the tariff proposal.
      • The % of deposit. If this is filled in, the words "Merci de joindre ...% d'acompte à la validation du présent document. " will automatically appear on the quotes and order forms.
    • Available units. This selection will feed the choices available in the item catalogue.
    • The display format for the amounts on the dashboard
    • The number of decimal places to be displayed (for unit prices and quantities)
  3. Click on “Save” to save the information


Manage features

Show the documents
This drop-down menu allows to select the types of documents to be used in Fact.

Check or uncheck the types of documents you will use

Billing preferences
This interface allows to switch to invoicing mode including VAT.

see the article : "How to set up an including taxe invoice?"

This interface will allows to download a certificate relating to the use of invoicing software.

see the article : "Certificate of conformity"

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