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The commercial documents you send to your customers embody your company's identity. Fact lets you customize them to create a consistent, professional image.

Create a new template

To create a new document template, the first step is to choose a starting template, which can then be customized.
voir l'article : "Create a document template"

To edit a document : 

  • Go to Settings > Customization > Documents
  • Click on "Edit" from the actions available on each document template.

The document template editor

The document template editor is displayed in full-screen mode on your browser for greater comfort.

It is divided into 3 distinct sections:

1. The top banner is used to :

  • Rename the template (this name has to be unique for each document template)
  • Reset it (return to the original template by deleting all changes made to the template)
  • Save it (and save it by viewing a preview)

You can also close the template editor and return to the list of templates.

2. The left panel can be used to edit the main parameters of a template and to add new components:

  • Define the template being edited as a favorite in the folder
  • Add and manage a logo
  • Add images, text and lists
  • Manage document colors
  • Change the starting model (this operation completely resets the model, deleting all changes made and proposing the new starting model selected).

3. The central grid is used for advanced edition of the template, managing all the template components.

  • They can be moved, resized and deleted.
  • It is also possible to edit them one by one (style and data to be displayed).

Missing mandatory information

The information on an invoice or document is regulated by law.

When mandatory information is missing from a template, an alert is displayed in the document editor:

By clicking on this alert, you can see the details of the missing information:

Customize the template from the central grid

A document template is made up of several blocks of information, known as "components". All these components can be managed and customized from the central grid.

Locked components

- The product table and the totals and summary components are locked: they cannot be moved, resized or deleted.

- The Customer component cannot be deleted.

Move a component

To move a component: 
- Click on a component

- Hold down the click while moving the cursor

- When the desired position has been reached, release the cursor.

Resize a component

To resize a component:

- Place the cursor at the bottom right of the component

- A double arrow appears

- Click and hold on the double arrow

- Move the cursor to resize the component

- When the desired size is reached, release the cursor.

Delete a component

To delete a component :

- Click on the cross at the top right of the component

- Confirm the operation in the confirmation message

to remember for deletions

- Once a component has been deleted, it and all its contents are permanently lost.

- Once deleted, the "Bank details" component cannot be added again, but it is possible to create a list or text component and insert the bank information using the dynamic variables.

Edit a component 

By clicking on the 'pencil' icon at the top right of each component, an additional panel is displayed. This allows you to edit the style and data for the component in question.

The different grid components

A document template can be built from different types of component:

  • Text (multi-lines or single line)
  • List
  • Logo
  • Image
  • Invoiced customer
  • Product table
  • Totals and summary
  • Bank details

 Multiline Text component

Component goal: to enter text (title + content)

Customization options:

Display / hide a border
Format text (bold, italics, alignment
Add dynamic informations*

  • The title is facultative
  • Content entry is limited to 300 characters.

Example in a document: 

Insert dynamic informations

Dynamic informations can be inserted into text and list components:

  • This involves adding data from documents, customers and file parameters dynamically
  • Example: {customer_mail} automatically displays the email address of the customer linked to the document.

Add a dynamic information:

  • In the additional panels of the Text and List components, you will find the dynamic informations library:

  • Click on the dynamic information you want to copy to your clipboard.Click in the content area and paste the dynamic information (ctrl-v / right-click > paste).
    The dynamic information appears in the form of a tag surrounded by braces {...}.

Example in a document:

 List component

Component goal: Enter labels and values

Customization options:

Display / hide borders
Define font size
Add dynamic informations *
Add/delete lines


  • The list title is not mandatory
  • Labels and values:
    • If the label and its value are filled in, the 2 elements appear in the document.
    • If the label or its value refers to a dynamic informations that are not filled in, then they will not appear in the document.
    • If only the title or its value is entered, the element automatically takes up the entire width of the component.

Example on a document:

Logo component

Component goal: add / handle a logo

Customization options:

Replace the logo
Force size (or keep the original image size)
Display / hide borders
Choose logo alignment in reference to the component (left, centre, right)



  • The logo is not mandatory
  • This component is unique: it can only be present once in a document template.

 Picture component

Component goal: add / handle pictures

Customization options:

Replace the picture
Force size (or keep the original image size)
Display / hide borders
Choose picture alignment in reference to the component (left, centre, right)

Unlike the logo, it is possible to insert several pictures into a document template.

 Customer component

Component goal : manage the display of the customer's name and address (main address or delivery address if relevant)


Customization options :

Set font size
Choose a text style (bold, italic, force capitalization)
Choose a specific style for the customer's name (bold)
Choose a specific style for labels (bold)
Show/hide an external border
Show/hide optional data (labels, customer reference)

The Customer component edition panel is divided into 2 tabs: 

- The STYLE tab is used to customise the appearance of the component.

- The DATA tab is used to display/hide certain information.


  • The Customer component is mandatory. It can't be deleted.

Example in a document: 

 Products table component

Component goal: manage the display of the list of products/services sold and their respective amounts

Options de personnalisation disponibles :

Show/hide borders (inside and outside)
Show/hide optional columns (quantity, unit, VAT rate, product reference)

  • The Products table component is locked. It cannot be deleted, moved or resized.

Example in a document: 

 Amounts and summary components

Component goals : 

- Display document totals

- Display the public notice (if relevant)

- Show CGA (if relevant)

- Display the hide and sign block (if relevant)

- Display some legal notices

Customization options:

Show/hide VAT details
Select layout from 3 models
Choose the position of the stamp and signature block
Put labels in bold
Handler borders

Example in a document:

 Bank details component

Component goal: display the company's bank details on the document

Customization options:

Choose a disposition (column / row)
Display/hide the external borders

  • Bank details component is not mandatory.
  • It can be deleted.
  • After deletion, to display the banking information again in the template, add a list or free text and use the dynamic informations.

Example in a document:

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