Set up the general accounting parameters

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This interface allows to set the transfer data and default values.

  • Click on the "Settings" menu
  • Click on the "Accounting" menu to set up the accounting parameters of the file
  • Click on the "Accounting" tab
  • Carry out the various settings

Accounting setting

Feature reserved for the accounting firm's practitioner  

This section allows the accounting firm's practitioner to give or hide access to the accounting settings for the client.

The "Accounting", "Categories", "Products" and "Customers" tabs will thus be visible or hidden respectively.

Transfer period

This section allows you to choose the method of transferring entries to the accounts:

  • Manual: transfer at the request of the collaborator through the "Transfer" menu. This action is open to both the employee and the client (provided that the company has displayed accounting options)
  • Daily: automatic transfer every day of the week
  • Weekly: automatic transfer on one weekday
  • Monthly: automatic transfer on one day of the month

It is advisable to remain in "Manual" transfer mode when starting to use the Fact application, in order to check that the catalogue, customers and accounting settings have been set up, in order to avoid errors in the transfer to the accounts

Invoicing transfer

This section allows you to define the sales journal and the accounts to be used when transferring entries to the accounts:

  • Sell book (mandatory),
  • Default customer account (mandatory),

    It is possible to select a specific account for each customer from the "Customers" tab

  • Sales accounts for France,
  • Sales accounts for Europe and other countries,

    It is possible to select a specific account for each category and/or product through the "Categories" and "Pruducts" tabs

  • Delivery and packaging cost accounts (mandatory),
  • Accounts related to progress invoices

It is imperative that the accounts be created upstream in accounting.

VAT Account

  1. Select the VAT rates applied to the file.
    This will allow you to view and select only the VAT rates to be used for the activity.
  2. Enter the VAT accounts for each selected rate.

It is important to define at least default accounts for the data to be transfered to accounting.

PDF documents are automatically attached to the entry in the accounts

Payments transfer

It is possible to transfer payments entered in Fact to the accounting system. To do this, enter for each payment method :

  • the accounting book in which to transfer the entries
  • the accounts to be used in counterpart.

Analytic accounting

This item is only accessible when analytic accounting is set up in accounting.

  1. Set up the analytic accounting if necessary
  2. Click on "Save" to validate the settings

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