How to create an approval request ?

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Feature reserved for the accounting firm's practitioner 

The approval request allows documents to be approved by several users. Once the documents have been approved, they will be locked and cannot be modified. When creating the request, it is possible to select documents already present in the Documents application or to add documents from the computer. The documents thus added are then archived directly in the Documents application in the “Company” space.

It is possible to automate the approval request by using the bots in the Documents application.

See the article “How to request a document?
See the article “How to set up an approval bot?

How to create an approval request?

  • Click on the button   located at the top right
  • Click on the “Approval request” button
  • Select the company
  • Add the documents to approve
    • Either click on “Select documents from Documents

  • Or click on “Upload from computer

  • Complete the fields :
    • The title of the task
    • The description
    • The due date
    • Confidentiality: see the article “How to create a new task ?
    • The options:
      • Automatic publication: automatically publishes the approval task to the client X days after its creation.
        • If the value is “0”, the task will be published within 30 minutes.
        • In case the value is empty, the publication will have to be done manually by a practitioner.
      • Automatic approval: automatically closes the task X days after the due date if the task is still in progress. The documents will then be considered as approved
        • If the value is empty, the documents will remain pending validation until the client has approved them.

  • The users to be assigned to the task:
    • Click on
    • Select the user(s) who must approve the documents.
    • If all the selected approvers must approve the document, leave the option “All users must approve” checked.
    • If only one of the selected approvers allows is required then uncheck the option “All users must approve”.
    • It is possible to have several steps of validation. So, as soon as the documents are validated by the step 1, the request will will go to step 2 and so on.
    • To add an additional step, click on  and then fill in the approvers to step 2. Repeat the action as many times as necessary.

  • Click on

  • Click on  to finalize the approval request and send it to the approvers.

Approvers will receive an email notification that they have documents to validate.

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