How to make a bank deposit?

Modified on Mon, 24 Oct, 2022 at 3:16 PM

Fact allows you to make discounts of cheques and cash. They will not replace the discount made with the bank slip but will keep a record in Fact of this discount.

Activate the options "Activate discount for check" and/or "Activate discount for cash" in the general settings of the application, in the selection of the accepted payment methods.
see the article : "Make the general settings"

Make a discount of cheque(s)/cash

  1. Go to the "Payments" menu, "Payments" tab
  2. Select directly the payments submitted / to be submitted to the bank by ticking them in the list of payments received.

    Pre-filter the list, by clicking on the funnel in the filter area, so that only payments eligible for discount appear,
    then select the payments submitted / to be submitted to the bank by ticking them in the list of payments received.

  3. Once the items to be deposed have been ticked, click on the "Deposit in bank" button
  4. Complete the form, filling in the bank deposit reference and the date
  5. Complete the action by clicking on the "Save" button

    A different deposit slip is generated for cheque and cash payments.

    It is possible to click on the "PDF" button to download the remittance slip.

Bank deposit history

To consult the history of discounts made:

  1. Go to the "Payments" menu
  2. Select the "Deposits" menu

The history of previously created bank deposits appears.

It is possible to download an old deposit using the "Download" button

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