How to set up an including taxe invoice?

Modified on Mon, 24 Oct, 2022 at 8:16 PM

This feature allows you to enter prices includind VAT rather than without VAT. Once the VAT mode has been activated, all the prices of the items will be entered by default including VAT, which means that the details of the items invoiced will be in VAT included (no details of the goods or services sold without VAT).

The total before tax and the total of the VAT will however always be visible at the bottom of the invoice.

There are 2 ways to invoice with VAT:

  • Activate the invoicing including VAT for the whole file (from the "Settings"),
  • Activate the invoicing including VAT for a cycle of documents (estimate -> BDC -> BL -> down payment -> invoice -> credit note).

Define the default billing mode

To switch to a default VAT included billing on all new documents, you simply need to activate the option in the "Settings" menu:

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu
  2. Select the “General” submenu
  3. Select the “Features” tab
  4. Then check Included Taxes” under the “Preference” section

In the "Catalog", when creating or modifying an item, and once the option has been activated, the unit price excluding VAT of the item can no longer be entered. Only the unit price including VAT is accessible.

In the documents produced, the columns "U.P HT" and "Excluding taxes amount" are replaced by the columns "U.P TTC" and "Including taxes amount".

Activate invoicing including VAT for a document cycle

When creating a new document, it is possible to change the billing mode of the document: either to "Invoice ecl Taxes" or to "Invoice including VAT".

If "Invoice Icl. Taxes" has been activated in the settings of the Invoice application, the option will then be selected by default when creating any new document.

The invoicing method cannot be changed afterwards and will remain the same for the entire invoicing cycle (Quotation -> Order form -> Delivery notes -> Deposit invoices -> Invoice -> Credit note).

Example: if a quotation is created in "Invoice Icl. tax" mode, the transformation of the quotation into an invoice will necessarily be done in "Invoice Icl. tax" mode without the possibility of changing this mode.

For the rest, the steps for creating an invoice remain unchanged.

voir l'article : "How to create an invoice?"

Once the document is created, the unit price of each item will be displayed directly in including taxes, and the basis for calculating the VAT will be taken automatically by Fact and displayed in the footer of the document

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