What does the Tasks app do (for accountants)?

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The application allows to:

  • Plan tasks and events
  • Visualize the progress of the tasks to be done

What does the application consist of?

  • A “Tasks” tab  : summary of client file tasks in the form of a calendar.
  • A “Engagements” tab : summary of engagements 
See article: “How to set up an engagement for a company ?. For employees of the accounting firm.
See article: “How to create a template?”. For employees of the accounting firm. 
  • A “Reports” tab  : statistics and dashboard of tasks by client and company.

The button  allows you to create new task

See article: “How to create a new task?

The “Tasks” tab

The "Tasks" tab lets you filter, sort and perform actions on tasks.

Tasks filters

The search bar

The top search bar allows you to list the tasks according to the following criteria:

  • The name of one of the people in charge of the task
  • The name of the customer file

It also allows access to :

  • A task by writing its title
  • A mission by writing its title

Filter cells

It is also possible to filter the tasks using the filter cells. Depending on the cell, filtering can be done by :

  • Name of the customer file concerned by the task
  • Name of the person in charge of the task
  • The due date determined to complete the task (Today, this week, this month, tomorrow...)
  • The status of the task (In progress, Completed, Overdue)

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